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2023 Annual RaRa Banquet

The RaRa Banquet will be back this year. The date is Friday September 22 beginning at 6PM. Our banquet will be hosted by Proietti’s Italian Restaurant 980 Ridge Road East, Webster, NY. 14580. The restaurant is located in Webster Plaza. (In the past, we have held the banquet at Burgundy Basin Inn but this business has closed necessitating the new venue.)


Proietti’s does not have traditional bar service but beer and wine will be available for purchase for $6 per glass. Please come prepared to pay cash for this. Our dinner will be an Italian buffet consisting of the following items (revised 09/13/2023):

●  White Pizza Appetizer

●  Caesar Salad

●  Baked Ziti

●  Sliced Roast Beef

●  Chicken French

●  Greens and Beans

●  Rolls and Butter

●  Soft drinks and Coffee

●  Cannolis

An unattended wine bar will be provided. Tickets will be deposited in a receptacle when wine is poured by the guest. To allow for a variety of choices, beers will be ordered from our waitress in exchange for a ticket.

The after dinner program will be presented by Tim Brown WB2PAY and George Adams K4GWA. They will offer their perspectives of our hobby from the standpoint of a seasoned ham (WB2PAY) and a new ham (K4GWA).

The cost to attend the banquet will be $25 for members and guests or 50 membership points. Tickets may be purchased below. Due to the size of the room we are limited to 45 attendees so please purchase your tickets soon.

Tickets are $25 or 50 reward points per person. Members may apply their rewards points to the purchase of tickets. 

(There will be NO ticket sales at the door.) 

Last revised: 09/19/23 10:11 PM

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