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2021 Rochester Hamfest March Update

At the February 4 RaRa Board of Directors meeting, at the recommendation of the Hamfest Committee, we made a decision to cancel our Rochester Hamfest that we were planning to hold on June 5, 2021 at the Hilton Exempts Fireman's Field.

All of us agreed that there was too much uncertainty surrounding the COVID situation as the date draws closer. We very much want to have the event, but the health safety of attendees and volunteers is our priority. In addition, we want to protect club resources from possible loss resulting from committing funds then having to cancel the event.

Moving forward, we will look for ways for RaRa to participate in any events that do happen. We have indicated our interest in holding the 2022 Rochester Hamfest at the Hilton Exempts Fireman's Field.

2021 Rochester Hamfest Team


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