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Introductory Letter from the Instructor for the Amateur Extra Class


Hi, I'm John, NV2K, and I will be leading the /AE Upgrade Course this Spring. Welcome!Our course will be held Tuesday evenings, 6:30 to 8:30, in Gannett Hall room 2235 (Harris Think Tank), starting 12 February.

Recommended parking is in E Lot, alternate is F Lot. Both lots have handicap spaces. Visitors arriving after 5:00 PM may park in any space, except for those designated as handicap (unless they possess a valid permit, of course!) or Administrative.

It is recommended you enter through the Magic Spell Studios building. From the lobby, ascend one-half flight (elevator available; select "2") and head left at top of stairs. Take first right and enter Gannett Hall.

Turn right, then then enter Tech Alley (second door on left). Harris Think Tank is at far end of Tech Alley, on the left.

I know that's a lot of directions, but it will be easy once you've done it. Direction signs will be posted the first two sessions (12 and 19 February).

Our text is ARRL Extra Class License Manual, 11th Edition. In preparation for our first session, if you have a copy of the text, please read Chapter 3.

The goal of our course is twofold. First, we want you to pass that exam! We will practice questions from the actual pool and discuss strategies for succeeding. But we also want you to build your knowledge and understanding of Amateur Radio, so we will be covering some theory. I will try to keep the theory understandable and as down-to-earth as possible.

There are some questions on the exam that involve computation. Chances are that you will only see four of them, so please don't obsess about them. I will show you how to even do some of them with barely any calculation at all -- using facts you, as a holder of a General Class license, probably already know off the top of your head.

Still, you will want a scientific calculator. It doesn't need to be an expensive model; some we prefer are available for less than $15. These include the TI-30X IIS and the Casio FX-300MS. Please don't wait until the week before the exam to acquire one; we will practice in class. You don't want to learn how to work your calculator the day before (or the morning of!) your exam!

For practice, I recommend the website, visit (free to use; optional registration will allow you to track your progress).

I look forward to playing a role in your preparation for upgrade to the ultimate license class in the US Amateur Radio Service, the Amateur Extra. See you Tuesday, 12 February.

73 de John, NV2K

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