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Membership FAQ

Q: When does my membership expire?

A: All memberships expire on September 30th.

Q: Are memberships prorated?

A: No. Unless otherwise specified by RaRa at the time of joining, a new member will pay the full fee for their membership class at the time they join. This fee will qualify them as a member for the rest of the current membership year, which ends September 30th, at which time they will have to renew. New members joining mid year may be given membership points to offset this. For example, a full member who joins half way through the membership year would typically receive 15 membership points, which could be used to decrease the price of a future renewal, among other things. This offer is only good for members who have not previously been a member within the last five membership years.

Members who renew late (e.g. in mid-November), are considered in arrears with the club and will receive no financial discount or membership points to offset the time between the end of the membership year and renewal (i.e. October and half of November).

Q: How do I renew my membership?

A: Use the link on the membership page to access your record in the database and click "Renew". You can renew all your family members the same way: Look-up their record and click "Renew"; each renewal will go in a PayPal cart. When you're done, a single remittance is safe and easy via PayPal.

Q: I just renewed my membership on-line but my record in the database has not changed...

A: Once the Membership Secretary receives notice of your payment from PayPal, your record will be updated.

Q: How do I update my e-mail address for the RaRa RAG?

A: Simple: Use the Membership Data Access page to access your record in the database and click "Edit".

Q: I'm trying to login and the system is asking me for an "access code". Where do I get one?

A: Everyone has an access code. Initially the computer assigned a random code to you. To get your code click the link under the box to enter your last name. A new page will appear where you can enter all or part of your last name. Click "Search" and find yourself in the list and click "Request Code". The system will e-mail your code to you. NOTE: If you don't have a valid e-mail address in the database, you'll need to contact the Membership Secretary.

Q: How do I change my "access code"?

A: Use the link on the membership page to access your record in the database and click "Edit". You will notice that only certain fields are editable. One is the Access Code. You can make it anything you want (remember it is case sensitive). After making your edits click "Update".

Q: How do I change my address or new call sign?

A: In the near future, that data will come to us directly from the FCC. At this time, you can contact the Membership Secretary with your new information.

Q: I Just turned 65. How do I change my membership from Regular to Senior?

A: Congratulations OM! Contact the Membership Secretary to change your membership level.

Q: How do I see my Membership Rewards Points?

A: Your Rewards Points are visible on your Membership Data Access page. At the bottom of the page is a list of your awards and redemptions with your available balance.

Q: I don't see Membership Rewards Points posted that I thought I earned?

A: Rewards Points for Public Service events are awarded by the Public Service Coordinator; Points for VE's are awarded by the VE Team Leader; all other points are awarded by the President. If you've earned points that aren't posted, contact the person responsible for making the awards for verification. It is the member's responsibility to check to make sure membership points are awarded in a timely manner. Members should check once a quarter if they expect they have earned membership points, and contact the membership secretary or public service coordinator immediately if they see a discrepancy.

Q. Do membership points expire? Will my membership automatically renew?

A: Membership points do not expire if a member maintains their membership and remains in good financial standing with the club. A member who fails to renew their membership on time will lose their membership points. Members with membership points must elect to use them to renew; inaction will result in membership lapsing and a loss of all membership points.

Q: How do I redeem Membership Points?

A: Today you can redeem them online, towards your membership dues and event registration (like the Annual Banquet) more redemption options will come in the future.

Q: How do I renew my family members?

A: Each individual has a unique access code. Simply access your family members data with their code and renew. Multiple transactions will be put in a PayPal cart for a single payment.

Q: I'm having trouble renewing (the renewal box does not display) and the website looks "odd"...

A: Microsoft's latest attempt to rule the world is causing it's Internet Explorer web browser, in combination with certain plug-ins, to not function properly with industry standard programming. If you use IE, and experience any anomalies, click the "Compatibility Mode" icon (a piece of paper with a squiggle across it) on your address bar within IE. Also be sure your security settings allow JavaScript to run. Or just use Fire Fox or Chrome and discover what the Internet is supposed to look like.

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