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RaRa Membership Rewards Program


Any member who performs one of the services for the club listed in the table below will be rewarded with points. The points are accruable, then redeemable in the ways shown. Points do not expire, and can roll over from year to year, as long as your membership is valid (a lapse in your membership will delete your points balance). Accrue and save points towards any redemption objective.

Here are the ways you can use points:

1.  Renew membership or put towards banquet tickets.

2.  Join the ARRL at RARA’s discounted rate.

3.  Obtain gift certificates for DX Engineering or Ham Radio Outlet.

4.  Obtain training study guides for license tests.

5.  Donate Points towards RARA projects.

The items in red are recent additions. We are particularly excited to offer the fourth item. From time to time the club will set targets to purchase something of benefit to the club. Members with points are then invited to donate some of their points towards this target. We think this is a great way to support the club and is in response to requests from members. The first campaign is now under way.

Purchase a Bandpass Filter for RARA’s Outdoor Events

One of our members has very kindly offered to donate sufficient points to purchase a 40 meter bandpass filter so that we can operate more than one radio on that band at external events. We are asking members to donate points so that we can also purchase a 20 meter band pass filter.

If you would like to donate 10 points (or whatever you wish) that will help us to get to our target of having both filters ready by the time we are able to hold outside events. Please contact our Membership Secretary if you wish to contribute and thanks in advance. Progress towards the target will be announced in the Rag.

Target Number of points to purchase a 20 meter bandpass filter = 280

Make a presentation at a monthly meeting 30
Rag Article (dependent on length and editor’s discretion) 5 to 20
Public Service Event Leader 15
Public Service Event Volunteer 5 to 10*
Licensing class Instructor 30
VE Testing team member 5 per session
Special Event Leader 15 to 30
Special Event Volunteer 5 to 10*
Hamfest Volunteer 5 to 20
* Depending on duration: 5 points for 1/2 day, 10 points for full day events.  


Non-elected Club Offices Points earned
PA Service 30
Club Historian 50
Education Coordinator 30
Hamfest Producer 30
License Testing Coordinator 50
Media and Public Relations 30
Membership Secretary 30
Membership Points Administrator 30
Public Service Coordinator 30
Newsletter Editor 30
Refreshments Coordinator 30
Webmaster 30
Club Equipment Administrator 30
Equipment Sales and Donations Administrator 30
Public Information Coordinator 30
Note: Elected officers do not earn points for the offices they hold.  

View your Points balance with the Membership Data Access page or contact the Membership Secretary. To use points, email the Membership Secretary.

Fall Banquet Ticket 30
Annual RaRa Dues (any level) 30
RaRa Embroidered Patch 5
RaRa Screen Printed Golf Shirt 40
RaRa Screen Printed Baseball Jersey  40
RaRa Screen Printed Hooded Sweatshirt  70
RaRa Mug 25

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