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Operating Opportunities

Current Conditions

Courtesy N0BBN

Local VHF/UHF Beacons

Rochester VHF Group
Band MHz
6m 50.078
2m 144.298
1.25m 222.050
70cm 432.300
23cm 1296.257


NCDXF/IARU Intl Beacon Project

Scheduled Nets

Looking to operate with local hams, either as a group or on the air! There are many local nets in and around the Rochester, NY area.  The nets are always looking for new check-ins so give it a try.

Livingston County Net Saturday 8:00 PM 147.030 + (PL 110.9) AA2GV    
Monroe County ARES/RACES Net (1) Thursday 7:00 PM 146.610 - (PL 110.9) N2MPE    
Ontario County ARES/RACES Net Sunday 8:00 PM 145.450 - (PL 110.9) W2ONT    
Orleans County Net Tuesday 9:00 PM 145.270 - (PL 141.3) WA2DQL    
ROC City Net Sunday 7:30 PM 145.110 - (PL 110.9) WR2AHL WR2ROC-R 8058
ROC City Net Wednesday 8:00 PM 3.826  (LSB) Simplex    
Rochester VHF Group 2M Net Monday 9:00 PM 144.260  (USB) Simplex    
Rochester VHF Group 6M Net Thursday 9:00 PM 50.200 (USB) Simplex    
The AWA Net Monday 7:00 PM 145.110 - (PL 110.9) WR2AHL WR2ROC-R 8058
The Radio Wave Net Monday 7:30 PM 146.655 – (PL 110.9) WR2ROC    
Wayne County ARES Net Sunday 8:35 PM 146.685 - (PL 71.9) WA2EMO    
Western District Net (ARRL NTS) Tues - Sun 9:30 PM 145.390 - (PL 0.0) K2XZ    
Western District Net (ARRL NTS) Monday 9:30 PM 146.640 - (PL 0.0) K2XZ    
Wyoming County ARES Net Saturday 12:00 PM 147.315 + (PL 141.3) WA2CAM    
XRX ARC Net (2) Thursday 8:00 PM 145.290 – (PL 110.9) W2XRX    
(1) Every Thursday except meeting night which is typically the 4th Thursday of the month
(2) Net meets the 1st and 4th Thursday of the month

2019 Operating Event Calendar

Event name Location Days Dates Sign Up
International Lighthouse
      Lightship Weekend
Charlotte-Genesee Lighthouse Saturday & Sunday August 17-18 Sign Up


Annual ILLW operating event for the International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend at The Charlotte-Genesee Lighthouse. We are looking for volunteers to help setup the station and to supervise operation. You can also receive a tour of the lighthouse.

Signup by emailing education at

Time and Location:

Saturday and Sunday 11:00AM to 5:00PM

70 Lighthouse Street; Rochester, NY 14612


Members are invited to come and operate for one hour slots.


Bring your own or use one of the club radios.


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