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Hams assist public organizations by providing emergency and backup communications. Each year we serve many grateful agencies with well over a dozen events. You can sign-up for events below and at any RaRa or ARES meeting. Additional events are listed on the Club Calendar.

Check the RaRa Public Service Page for more information on participating or contact our Public Service Coordinator at

Stay in good operating condition: Participate in a public service event each year!

Event name Location Days Dates Sign Up
Holiday Science & Technology Days
Rochester Museum &
    Science Center
Wednesday to Saturday December 27-30 Sign Up


Talk with the museum patrons (children and parents) to explain our amateur radio exhibit and our hobby. Emphasize the wide ranging educational value of amateur radio including technology, radio phenomena, science, geography, language arts, hands-on building, public service, self improvement and vocational.

RaRa partners with other ARCs to staff the event. Rochester DX Association typically provides and staffs a HF special event station. RARA provides and staffs 3-4 tables containing hands-on and highly interactive demonstrations of electronics, magnetism and radio communication. The equipment is supplied by the volunteers and usually stays at the exhibit during the term for other volunteers to use.


We typically staff the exhibit for 3-4 days of the five day event. We try to schedule a staff of 2-4 volunteers for the day. RDXA will schedule and staff the special event station. The event typically runs from about 10:00 AM thru 3:00 PM daily.


Radios are not required. However, a HT with related experience using a local repeater and IRLP is useful.


Admission is free to the volunteers. Arrange your break time with other volunteers to enable visiting other exhibits in the museum. Socialize with other ham radio volunteers and witness operation of the HF special event station. Thank you for enlightening the RMSC patrons about amateur radio.


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