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Public Service

Hams assist public organizations by providing emergency and backup communications.

—  Throughout our history, amateurs have established a reputation for public service communications

—  When all else fails!!

—  When called upon we fulfill one of the most important purposes of amateur radio

—  Local, State and Federal Governments recognize our abilities to assist when needed

Each year we serve many grateful agencies with well over a dozen events. You can sign-up for events below and at any RaRa or ARES meeting. Additional events are listed on the Club Calendar.

Check the RaRa Public Service Page for more information on participating or contact our Public Service Coordinator at


Stay in good operating condition: Participate in a public service event each year!

2019 Calendar Calendar

Event name Location Days Dates Sign Up
Bike MS: ROC the Ride Genesee Valley Park Saturday August 24 Click
ROC the Ride is a bike ride similar to the Tour de Cure except that it supports the Multiple Sclerosis Society. The rides start and end in Genesee Valley Park and the routes extend to the south with lengths of 100, 63, and 30 miles. We have a command post set up in a park shelter and communicate with SAG and Sweep vehicles equipped with Amateur Radio.      
Fairport Lift Bridge Regatta NYS Barge Canal—Fairport Saturday September 28 Click
The Fairport Lift Bridge Regatta is held on the Erie Canal in Fairport. RaRa provides communications support for rowing shell races and this operation stations hams at various locations along the course to report race progress and provide information relative to safety on the course. Most of the communications use handheld radios on simplex frequencies. The regatta participants are mostly high school aged and they are there with their families. It provides an opportunity to showcase Amateur Radio to the public.      
JOTA Babcock Hovey in Ovid, NY Saturday October 19 Click

Jamboree-on-the-Air, or ‘JOTA’, is the largest Scouting event in the world. It is held annually the third full weekend in October. JOTA uses amateur radio to link Scouts and hams around the world, around the nation, and in your own community.

RaRa will set up a ham shack at the Babcock Hovey scout camp in Ovid, NY. The annual Trophy Challenge campout is held that weekend and we will have the opportunity to demonstrate the many facets of Amateur Radio to 2000 youth.

Pumpkin Patrol Bridges of the NYS Thruway Tuesday & Wednesday October 30 & 31 Click
Pumpkin Patrol is our longest running public service event. It is a state-wide event and RaRa in Monroe County is just one part of something which spans the entire NYS Thruway. Each pair of riders in a vehicle equipped with mobile Amateur Radio is assigned watch on one of the 16 Thruway bridges in Monroe County. A net is run between sundown and midnight with status reports provided every half hour to report any untoward activity on the bridges. This operation is done in service of the NYS Troopers where we become their “eyes and ears” on Halloween night and the night before. Our presence prevents acts of vandalism and frees up law enforcement resources for more valuable use.      
Holiday Science & Technology Days Rochester Museum &
    Science Center
Saturday TBD Click
The RMSC Holiday Science and Technology Days are held in December at the Rochester Museum and Science Center. This program is provided jointly with RDXA. RDXA demonstrates an HF phone station and RaRa members demonstrate STEM experiments. The purpose is to present Amateur Radio to the public and interest young people to pursue career paths in the STEM Fields.      

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