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Hands-On Learning

Academy learning sessions help support STEM and ham radio at the same time by providing hands on examples for various topics.

RaRa Academy provides workshops on a variety of Ham Radio topics and interests. Workshops have included Digital communications, IRLP, Echo LInk, WinLink, Fox Hunting, build a 20m and 15m fan di-pole, 2 meter tape measure yagi, just to mention a few.

For more information contact our education coordinator at

Sessions are two hours, generally on a Saturday each month at a location described below.


Upcoming Academies 

June 16th, 2018 10AM — Soldering and DIY Best Practices

This Academy workshop will be a hands on session.

— Learn how to solder or how to improve your skills

— Course will require your own tools

Click here for more details

Due to the nature of the course, class size is limited to 12 participants. Please register for the class by emailing:

Location: BSA 2320 Brighton Henrietta Town Line Rd — map


Past Academies

Getting Started with Arduino — Scott Theis, W2LW — Slides (02/03/2018)

Software Defined Radio — Forst Shick, WA2MZG — Video, Slides and Resources (03/10/2018)



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Thanks to Forest Shick, WA2MZG, for Academy presentation on Saturday. Slides available as PDF by clicking here.


Have Ideas?

We would like to hear from you! We have lots of ideas for sessions but would like to focus on what members are most interested. Contact our education coordinator at with suggestions. Here are some ideas we are working on:

–  Antenna Analyzers

–  Component Fundamentals -- Precision, Types, Capacitors, etc.

–  DRM

–  Fighting Noise -- A Discussion of Noise Filtering and Techniques (2 Shack Noise)

–  Fighting Noise -- A Discussion of Noise Filtering and Techniques (Mobile)

–  Getting Started with CW

–  Getting Started with JT65

–  Getting Started with PSK31

–  HF Band Review and Propagation

–  HF Noise Filtering -- Noise Filtering and Techniques and Common Rig Controls

–  Hands on Pi

–  Limited Space Radio

–  Mesh Networks Using Routers

–  PIC Programming

–  Power Supply Basic

–  RF Connectors (Good Bad, Ugly and Common)

–  Radio Techniques -- Improve/Practice Calling

–  Repeaters

–  Setting Up a Shack

–  Shack Software Options

–  Test Equipment Basics and Safety

–  Understanding Antenna Options

–  Understanding RF Exposure

–  Understanding Radio-Computer Interfaces

–  Using Beacons and Reverse Beacons

–  Using Chirp

–  Using HRD

–  VHF Modes

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