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RaRa Academy
Soldering and DIY Best Practices


This Academy workshop will be a hands on soldering session. Learn how to solder or how to improve your skills. PC boards, wires and components will be supplied to practice your soldering and de-soldering skills We will not practice surface mount (SMT) work at this session.

If you have your own kit, we can give you kit building pointers but this session will NOT focus on kit building.

Class size is limited to 12 participants. Register for the class at the RaRa meeting or by emailing

Scott Theis W2LW and Tim Brown WB2PAY will be the leads for this workshop.

Suggested Tools

We will supply a few soldering irons but suggest participants bring their own irons, 60/40 solder and hand tools if they have them.

–  Solder Wire (60/40)

–  Soldering Iron (35-45 Watts)

–  Diagonal Cutters

–  Small Needle Nose Pliers

–  Solder Wick (optional)

–  Solder Sucker (optional)

Tools can be obtained from Amazon, Jameco, Mouser, Digikey or local stores such as Goldcrest, Lowes or Home Depot.

Since we will be working with lead based solder, please refrain from bringing food or drink into the classroom. Safety precautions will be covered as part of the course.

Suggested Projects

In order to have a hands-on experience, it is recommended that you bring a kit. The following are suggested beginner kits, you can pick your own and choose your own vendor.

The kits list below are in the $10 to $40 range. Look for a balance of required skills and usefulness. If you choose another, make sure it is not too complex. If they require printing instructions, please do so before coming to class.


Practice Soldering Kit with Soldering Iron

Jameco ($14.95)

Amazon ($16.55)


Learn to Solder Practice Kit (Soldering Iron not Included)

Jameco ($8.95)


Elenco Two IC AM Radio Kit

Amazon ($14.07)


7W Amplifier Required 15VDC @ 0.5A Power Supply

Jameco ($8.95)


2x5 Watt Amplifier for Portable Audio Player Kit

Jameco ($12.95)


1A Variable Power Supply Output: 1.2-24VDC

This kit allows for soldering small and medium size devices

Jameco ($11.95)





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