Some Web Pages Teaching FLDIGI

by Rick Frost K4REF


Getting Started Software Download and Install

How to learn to use it

Getting started with Fldigi/NBEMS

Setup & configuration for new users

UI and basic Operations

Using Macros in Fldigi & Using Flwrap


Flmsg Configuration & Operations

Flamp Configuration & Operations


These may be part of the same series (or duplicates) but with different links:

Fldigi setup Configuration for Fldigi

Fldigi Operetions with User Interface Descriptions

FLmsg Operations with Configurations and Set up

FLAMP operations How to Send Files with Fldigi

SignaLink Sound Levels Suggestions on How to Setup Your Audio Levels for HF and VHF/UHF

Even More YouTube videos…

Fldigi Tutorial

NBEMS 02 – Sound Card Calibration


FLMSG with new /CSV file transfer feature

RSID with NBEMS / FLDIGI- Advanced settings for Unmanned Monitoring Stations

NBEMS Folder Shortcuts

Digital Mode Identifier Video (introducing two other programs for digital modes)

Intro to Ham radio Digital Modes