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RaRa is sponsoring an Amateur Radio Venturing Crew for boys and girls interested in learning more about radio communications and putting what they learn into practice.

Every June the Amateur Radio Relay League (“ARRL”), the national association for amateur radio, founded in 1914 to advance the art and science of radio, holds a Field Day, which is like Amateur Radio’s “open house.” Over 40,000 hams set up transmitting stations in public places to demonstrate ham radio. Those stations operate mostly around the clock making contacts all over the country and the world. In 2019, field day takes place the weekend of June 22–23. More information about Field Day is here:

Every October, usually in conjunction with the Challenge Trophy Camporee, RaRa provides a station for the Jamboree on the Air. This is a great opportunity for Scouts to talk to other Scouts around the country and the world. RaRa typically sets up temporary transmitting stations at Camp Babcock-Hovey.

Be Prepared

The Boy Scout motto is "be prepared." RaRa is working with Seneca Waterways Council to prepare Scouts for emergency radio communications. RaRa provides a means for volunteer radio operators to spend a day, or more, providing communications for large public service events in the community, which is great practice for working with emergency radio networks. Scouts who take one of RaRa’s Technician licensing classes and pass the federal government exam can obtain a license that will allow them to participate and "be prepared" for emergency radio communications.

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