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RaRa Winterfest

Saturday February 15th, 2020

Come Join the Fun!

Our ninth annual RaRa Winterfest is right around the corner! As always, we will have our very popular crockpot cook-off and everyone is invited to bring their favorite creation to share. You are encouraged to bring anything you can make in a crockpot. We anticipate seeing, and eating all sorts of soups, chili, casseroles, lasagna, pizza, stew and who knows what else. As before, we will be awarding prizes of RaRa membership points to the top three entrants.

We are also inviting everyone to bring a dessert to share. In fact we are so excited about dessert that we will be judging dessert creations and awarding more RaRa membership points for the best dessert. Desserts do not need to be made in a crockpot but if you can do that, go for it. We encourage you to put on your chefs’ hats and wow us with your sweet culinary creativity. Of course, there is no entry fee for these cook-offs so simply sharing the wonderful delicacies will make everyone a winner.

As always we encourage you to bring radios and antennas so we can operate and have fun. During the past several Winterfests we have had visitors who were interested in becoming hams. Active operating positions are a great way to introduce them to the hobby and encourage them to become hams themselves. Of course, if you know anyone who would like to learn more about our wonderful hobby please invite them to join us. We will be there around 10:00AM to set up radios and antennas and anyone willing to help is welcome to join us.

We are looking for one or two volunteers to help us set up food and tables so if you can do that please email to let us know.

We encourage everyone else to plan to get there around 11:30 AM when the eating and operating will begin. RaRa will provide non-alcoholic beverages along with all the necessary paper products that will be needed to enjoy the great food we will certainly have. I’ll look forward to seeing everyone there. The ‘fest will be held on Saturday February 15th at the Stewart Lodge in Mendon Ponds Park. The lodge has heat, a fireplace, it is located near the bathrooms and there is plenty of parking. Click for map.

Hoping to see you on the 15th and you may be one of the lucky ones to win one of our door prizes!


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