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RaRa XARC CW Group
Come Learn CW or Hone Your Skills

Morse Code Practice Online

Pete Fournia, W2SKY, is conducting a Beginners Morse Code class each Thursday at 7PM.

Tim Brown, WB2PAY, is conducting Intermediate Morse Code Practice sessions each Thursday at 7:30PM

Contact to join either class, check the rag for direct email addresses. All skill levels including beginner are welcome.


Mission Statement & Statement of Purpose

RXCWG is a collaborative effort between the RaRa and XRX Amateur Radio Club, and between students and Elmer’s to support and advance the practice and use of Morse code in amateur radio.

RXCWG has two primary goals:

The first is to provide environments and instructors so that students can learn the basics of Morse code: the alphabet, numbers, pro-signs and common abbreviations, and to provide opportunities for students to make their first CW QSO along with ongoing practice and getting on the air.

The second goal is to provide venues, environments, coaching and support to those amateurs who wish to improve their code proficiency.

RXCWG desires to provide support to new hams entering the hobby who may also need basic instruction in the fundamentals of amateur radio, setting up a station and getting on the air. It is RXCWG’s intention to complement, not compete with, the activities and programs of other radio clubs in our community. It is RXCWG’s hope that we can be a resource to these organizations furthering the use of CW in their respective endeavors and pursuits.

Come Join Us!

All are welcome to join – anytime. Start when you are available and progress at your own pace. It is not a class but a group effort.

To join, please contact:

Tim Brown, WB2PAY,,

Bob Karz, K2OID,, or

Forest Shick, WA2MZG,

The goals of the group are:

– Help fellow hams learn Morse Code

– Develop CW operating skills

– Teach CW etiquette

– Increase code proficiency

– Develop new CW Elmers

Our group has three levels of proficiency:

– You are a BEGINNER if you have no Morse Code skills or
   you can receive less than 5 WPM (Words Per Minute)

– You are an INTERMEDIATE if you can receive 5 to 15 WPM

– You are an ELMER if you can receive over 15 WPM

Learning methods are tailored to members’ needs:

– In person

– Over the air

– On the computer


As presenters and topics are available there will be more monthly meetings. Presently code practice meetings at described above.

Previous Meetings:


–  November 2020:

      A Beginner's Guide to CW
             (Download Slides)

–  March 2019:

      QRP kits (Download Slides)

– November 2018:

      CW The Original Mode (Download Slides)

– December 2018:

      Your First CW QSO (Download Slides) (Video Link)

Tuesday CW Practice Net

Every Tuesday Afternoon, 2PM:

– Check-in on 50.250 MHz USB

– Net control will pair up participants for practice and provide procedural instructions

– All switch to CW

– Each pair will hold a practice QSO

– Everyone switches back to USB for review of the practice

Typical QSO's are practiced.

Instructions are given at the beginning of the net on USB.


Name Call Sign Email
Bill Hopkins AA2YV
Bob Karz K2OID
Harry Williams KF2TV
Joe Rowe AG2Y
Ned Asam W2NED
Peter Fournia W2SKY
Tim Brown WB2PAY


All About the Telegraph and Deciphering Morse Code Text (PDF, thanks to Payton) new!

Morse Code Secrets (WB2SXY) (PDF) new!

Long Island CW Club 

Common CW Abbreviations (PDF)

Just Learn Morse Code (software)

So You Want to Learn Morse Code (AA9PW)

Morse Code Course (The Ham Whisperer)

W1AW Operating Schedule (ARRL)

Code Practice Archives (ARRL)

North American QRP CW Club (NAQCC)

Straight Key Century Club (SKCC)

The International Morse Preservation Society (FISTS CW Club)

Having Fun with Morse, Getting Started with CW & Getting on HF Bands with Any License (K8ZT)

Improving Morse Code Proficiency Tricks of the Trade Overcoming Common Problems

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